Affiliate Marketing: What It Is and How to Get Started

The consumers or customers are the ones who makes the transaction. They are the ones who purchase the product or submit the lead form in order for the affiliate to gain the commission. According to Business Insider, 15% of e-commerce revenue can be attributed to affiliate marketing.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, especially one selling physical products, you know that it costs money to get started. With affiliate marketing, you’ll have a low-cost way to start your own business. As the affiliate marketer, you only need to think of the time you’re investing to create content and promote. A big affiliate network offers loads of opportunity, but also tons of competition. If you can prove your value as an affiliate, it’s worth joining affiliate programs for brands you love. Affiliate partnership platforms can enable direct contact with brands, and exclusive partnerships as well.

Web hosting companies provide space on their servers for people to rent for a small monthly cost. There are some free web hosts like WordPress .com, Wix or Blogger. Sometimes they also place ads on your blog to recoup some revenue from the visitors landing on your site. Content is what will attract people to your website and keep them engaged.

This (usually) holds an expiry date, so you get paid even if they delay buying for a while. One of the major challenges of marketing is that you need to spend money first before you… Real-world earnings can fluctuate widely based on the variables mentioned before.

Step 1: Join a Network And/Or Partner Program

Being better able to track leads and sales contributes to how they can improve or better position their products. The affiliate marketing industry is estimated to grow from $5.4 billion in 2017 to $8.2 billion by 2023, according to Statista. Affiliate marketing is inexpensive to start and carries low risk compared to other online business models. Swimwear brand Frankies Bikinis refers to its affiliates as ambassadors, hashtagged #Frankiesgirls.

  • Our network can brag about having exclusive offers that aren’t available anywhere else, as well as private offers that are only available after pre-moderation.
  • Most affiliates will use websites to drive traffic, clicks, conversions, and income.
  • Brands and affiliates outline the terms and conditions of each partnership in a contract.
  • They often look spammy and don’t really add value or contribute to a good user experience.
  • The concept of affiliate marketing may be difficult to understand at first, so let’s break it down.

In exchange, however, a company can access motivated, creative people, to help sell their products or services to the world. You can find several examples of affiliate bonuses in action when business coach Marie Forleo opens her popular B-School for entrepreneurs each year. To encourage sign-ups through her affiliate link, Laura Belgray, Forleo’s own copywriter, offers a one-on-one copywriting session as a bonus.

Does Email Marketing Work for Affiliate Marketing?

This “completed action” could range from installing an app and subscribing to a paid license to making a purchase or filling out a form. A decent affiliate can make anywhere from $10,000 a year to $400,000. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our privacy policy, and all links are nofollow. You can go through our guide on 18 ways to make more money from your existing traffic for more ideas. For more on coming up with blog post ideas, check out 103 Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Will LOVE.

How do affiliate marketers make money?

Note that most ecommerce stores follow the second model — beginning with the audience — and then find a product, using the same parameters of market need. After all, 57% of shoppers have made a purchase with a retailer far and wide from them. If you limit your customers to a locale, you’ll be limiting your funds, too.

For example, while your blog won’t cost you anything but your time, pay-per-click marketing, email campaigns, and social media ads will require an investment. Of course, this will also mean that these niches are highly competitive, but you need to make sure there is actually an audience for the products you’re promoting. Affiliate marketing appeals to businesses because it allows them to meet their marketing goals, and it benefits affiliates by offering them the opportunity to make a passive income. Making money as an affiliate marketer can offer a great income, or side income, but it requires time devoted to developing a platform and building an online audience in order to sell to.

For example, if you select food or technology as an industry, you’ll have a tough time tackling them because they are so vast. Instead, select specific topics like keto diet or WordPress as a niche. And you’ll end up promoting the wrong product to your audience, which will ultimately lead to poor results and low revenue. Every merchant you work with and every affiliate network might have different pay structures. For instance, you can get paid for sending traffic to others’ websites. The goal here is to send people from your website to the merchant’s site.

You can promote affiliate products through product reviews, product comparisons, in your email newsletter, on your blog, through paid ads, and more. Now you know all the basics to getting started with affiliate marketing (and some not-so-basics, too). Here are some tips that will help you get started and level up your affiliate marketing efforts quickly.

They usually work in industries that are the same or closely related to that of the company whose products they’re promoting. But especially if you’re looking to be a related or involved affiliate marketer, try choosing a product that is of interest to you or that you are somewhat knowledgeable about. Yes, affiliate marketing is legal as long as the affiliate discloses their relationship with the merchant and informs their audience that they are receiving a commission of sales.

If you have a lot of time but not a lot of money, it’s a good idea to go after organic traffic. Facebook is one of the favorite advertising channels for affiliate marketers. This way, when they visit the merchant they are no longer cold traffic. You are ready to take on an entrepreneur mindset to grow your affiliate marketing business.