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Since the release of Android Studio 3.0 in October 2017, Kotlin has been included as an alternative to the standard Java compiler. Kotlin is a modern, statically typed programming language used by over 60% of professional Android developers. It is an open source project available at no charge under the Apache 2.0 license.

kotlin for web development

Javalin kotlin web framework contains the micro-framework. The below image shows the javelin kotlin web framework as follows. The https://globalcloudteam.com/ best part about KMM is that you won’t need to introduce new programming languages to a codebase to make a cross-platform app.

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The spark intends to provide an alternative for java developers to develop web applications using boilerplate. This framework contains a small memory footprint; it is also very fast and lightweight. By using this framework, we can easily play with angular. Javalin is considered one of the most lightweight frameworks for web development with Kotlin. It supports HTTP2, Lambda-based Web Socket API and async requests. The framework is known for being easy to learn, especially for developers who are just starting with backend development.

kotlin for web development

Kotlin also supports modern programming concepts like extension functions, higher-order functions, and delegates. Netguru is an important part of our ability to maintain fast growth. They add value in project management, QA and infrastructure support, on top of a fantastic set of talented engineers working as part of our team every day. It’s easy to get started with Kotlin, and you can write new modules in Kotlin and be sure they’ll work alongside Java code. That means you can gradually introduce it into existing projects.


Set the book cover image URL as the source of the image element on the card. Create new elements by using the createElement() browser API, passing in the name of the HTML tag to create. For example, use “div” to create an HTMLDivElement and “img” to create an HTMLImageElement. Call the callback function received as a parameter, and pass it the contents of the network response as a single string. It takes a URL to fetch from, as well as a function with a String parameter, which it will pass the result of the network call to.

Additionally, the Kotlin compiler produces a bytecode that is compatible with the JVM. This makes it easy to use Kotlin in existing Java projects. Kotlin has quickly become the most popular programming language on Stack Overflow, and it’s currently being used by companies such as Square, Pinterest, and Uber. Netguru make you feel an integral part of the development team. Some agencies build walls between the client and their team, and disappear for weeks without any contact.

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Sometimes this framework is required for implementing the simple interface. Yes, Kotlin can be used in web development to build server-side applications and for frontend web applications using Kotlin/JVM, Kotlin.js, and many other frameworks. KMongo is a community-created Kotlin framework that makes it easy to work with MongoDB from Kotlin/JVM code.

Kotlin is a modern, expressive programming language made with developers in mind. Concise, open-source, and safe, Kotlin is a popular language for Android development, web development, and more. Within Kotlin development services, we develop simple and effective code providing efficient web and mobile applications.

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If you love the JVM, but hate verbose code and frameworks, Spark is the web framework for you. It will have you up and running in minutes, and you can even use it with Groovy or Kotlin or whatever you want. Spark is an expressive, lightweight and unopinionated pure Java web framework that doesn’t get in your way, unlike in other web frameworks, you can structure your application as you want.

In 2018, Kotlin was the fastest growing language on GitHub with 2.6 times more developers compared to 2017. It is the fourth most loved programming language according to the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. Kotlin supports the specification of a “primary how to hire a kotlin developer constructor” as part of the class definition itself, consisting of an argument list following the class name. Additionally, when defining a subclass, properties in super-interfaces and super-classes can be overridden in the primary constructor.

Vaadin: a full-stack web framework with Kotlin support

They will still be slower than development builds, so it would be good to remove this flag again while you are developing. While you are developing, the build system generates development artifacts. This means that no optimizations are applied when the Kotlin code is turned into JavaScript. That makes compile times faster but also results in larger JS files. When you deploy your application to the web, this is something you want to avoid. The @Serializable annotation comes from the multiplatform kotlinx.serialization library, which allows you to define models directly in common code.

  • Parse the JSON response received as an array of instances of the Book data class.
  • So far I have no regrets and hope that we will continue to work together further.
  • Set the book cover image URL as the source of the image element on the card.
  • To confirm that everything went as planned, run the application again with the Gradle run task.
  • A full-stack demo has been made with the new Kotlin/JS Gradle Plugin.